It’s BBQ Season!

It's BBQ Season!  With the sun and warm weather comes BBQ's, social gatherings with family and friends, deck parties or just sitting outside taking in the sun.  Either way, we thought it might be fun to give you a great summer drink recipe that my family has enjoyed for years.  Here you go....   SLUSH [...]

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Selling a Home with Pets

Selling a Home with Pets Who doesn’t love a pet?  Well, unfortunately someone who is thinking of purchasing your home.  I’m not sure why, but that’s how it quite often works.  Kendell and I are huge animal lovers, but not everyone feels the same way.  Some people are NERVOUS around animals.  I had a client [...]

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The Power of Pinterest!

Pinterest is so popular right now.  It’s the perfect thing to do if you have an extra 6 hours in your day that you can spare!  It’s one of those sites that you get on and before you know it, hours have passed.  With Pinterest, you can search recipes, home ideas, plan a wedding, get [...]

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